Safety is our number one priority!

Zenith Logistics is committed to maintaining a safe working environment to keep our employees and the public safe. We strongly believe safety increases productivity and allows for high-quality service levels, which results in value to our customers.


Safety matters every day in Zenith Logistics!

 Check it regularly to ensure there are no unexpected surprises on the road.

Safety means a complete understanding of the task at hand, knowing every step that must be taken, proper judgment, thorough preparation,
the ability to be alert, and not relying on luck are the components of safety.

It is a major concern for the family depending on you, the company employing you, and the customers relying on you.
Safety is about following the rules to the letter.

  • Let “SAFETY FIRST” be your motivator
  • Wear appropriate equipment
  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Always complete pre and post-trip inspections
  • Never operate unsafe vehicles or equipment
  • Make sure your loads are secure
  • Don’t drive distracted
  • Always wear seatbelts
Using a phone while driving is reckless driving.